Preventing Stress Injuries

USSMA Tech Tip Tuesday! We know you are all getting outside transitioning to summer activities! To help with the transition, Dr Jason Lippman from the USSMA medical team talks about injury prevention in running. He also wants you to know that “bone stress reactions/fractures can also occur in the hip, fibula and foot. The video clip focuses on bone stress injuries of the tibia to highlight the gray area between an early stress reaction and medial tibial stress syndrome
Please consider seeing a medical provider if you’re developing discomfort or pain at one of these sites. The pain typically builds during workouts then initially improves with rest. Eventually it will start to be present even when not exercising.

A friendly but important disclaimer:
This video is not meant to diagnose a medical condition. Our goal is simply to help prevent injury where possible and to encourage medical evaluation in situations where a formal diagnosis is needed!