What is the National Cup Series?

A small subset of USA Skimo-sanctioned races that are meant to showcase the sport and promote its growth. The concept is to attract as many participants as possible to compete in each of the series races in an attempt to earn the top ranking of combined race performances. At the end of the season, USA Skimo will provide award medals to the top 3 male and female athletes for Individual, Sprint, and Vertical races.

The series may consist of 4-6 races. To become a race in the series, a RD/LOC must apply to USA Skimo and meet a majority of the requirements set forth in the application. If USA Skimo grants the designation, a small sanctioning fee is to be paid to USA Skimo.

Race will meet the Sanctioned race requirements as well as most of the following:

  • Existing race / good race director track record
  • Multi-race weekend if possible
  • Resort / town support
  • Includes a clinic
  • Includes a vendor area
  • Prize money to top 3 Individual Open Division finishers (minimum of $100 for 1st, $75 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd).
  • Must have a Recreational short course.

National Cup Series Schedule


2023 USA Skimo National Cup – Overall

2022 USA Skimo National Cup – Overall

2019 USA Skimo Cup -Overall

2018 USA Skimo Cup – Overall

2023 National Cup Series Results

U14 Female

  1. Eloise Etherington
  2. Esme Erickson

U14 Male

  1. Fisher Leys
  2. Victor Doronin
  3. Max Trachtenberg

U16 Female

  1. McCall Birkinshaw
  2. Delilah Staberg
  3. Corrine Higgins

U16 Male

  1. Landon Jakob
  2. Sam Kirschner
  3. Owen Crandall

U18 Female

  1. Carson Leys
  2. Jolene Edelmann
  3. Lyla Lanning

U18 Male

  1. Anders Carlson
  2. Bryce Ostermiller
  3. Nicholas Rocco

U20 Female

  1. Jayden Quinn

U20 Male

  1. Sam Burke
  2. Wesley Perkins
  3. Jack Breezely

U23 Female

  1. Brianna Rickert
  2. Wren Pyle
  3. Alison Rudy

U23 Male

  1. Mario Cacciola
  2. Samuel Wescott
  3. Hayden Pritchard

Senior Female

  1. Hali Hafeman
  2. Gwen Rudy
  3. Emmiliese von Avis

Senior Male

  1. John Rauen
  2. Charlie von Avis
  3. Ian Clarke

Masters Female (45+)

  1. Tricia Petzold
  2. Michelle Ray
  3. Nikki Itoi

Masters Male (45+)

  1. Milan Kubala
  2. Jon Brown
  3. Steve Woo