Our Mission

To represent and communicate the interests of athletes, review, react and advise in cooperative support of USA Skimo achieving its mission.

How Can We Champion Your Voice?

The Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC) wants to ensure that all skimo athletes are aware and are taking advantage of the USA Skimo-member benefits. One of the critical components of any organization is open and transparent communication between the governing body and the athletes. We would like you to know that we are here working hard to be your advisory, listening to all you have to say, answering questions and making sure your voice is heard.

Each member, whether new or seasoned, has a unique perspective. We value your opinion and hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences with us.

New this year, we have assigned regional AAC representatives to make sure your region is being heard locally and nationally. Feel free to directly contact your regional representative or if you prefer, you can always contact the entire AAC group at aac@ussma.org.

Athlete Advisors

  • Milan Kubula (Committee Chair)
    • Based in Vermont
    • Representing: Vermont, New England and the greater Northeast
    • Contact: Milan@ussma.org
  • Michela Adrian
    • Based in Montana
    • Representing: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the greater Midwest
    • Contact: Michela@ussma.org
  • Jaime Brede
    • Based in Colorado
    • Representing: Colorado
    • Contact: Jaime_Brede@yahoo.com
  • Grace Staberg
    • Based in Colorado
    • Representing: New Mexico, Utah
    • Contact: Grace@ussma.org
  • Patrick Woods
    • Based in Colorado
    • Representing: Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Pacific Northwest
    • Contact: Patrick@ussma.org


The AAC would like to thank you again for working with USA Skimo to help us improve as an organization. Your feedback has been heard. We have shared the results with the respective committees to better serve you and to grow the great sport of skimo in the United States.

We invite you to view the results from the survey. If we missed anything on your mind, please know you can always reach out to us with recommendations, questions, comments and feedback at AAC@ussma.org.

2020-2021 Athlete Survey Results

Contact Us

Do you have questions or comments that you’d like your athlete representatives to take to USA Skimo on your behalf?

Contact your athlete representatives. AAC@ussma.org.