Attention all parents of skimo athletes 16 and younger!

New for the 2021/2022 season, USA Skimo is excited to announce a new youth development program (Devos) focused on providing more resources, coaching, and age group divisions to skimo athletes 16 and under. By joining the program, you show your interest, support, and commitment to age group skimo racing in the United States.

2019/2020 National Team member and Silverfork Skimo Coach, Sarah Cookler, will be leading the youth development program. In the inaugural 2021-2022 season, the program’s top priority is adding under 14 (U14) and under 16 (U16) youth age divisions to USA Skimo-sanctioned races and the National Cup Series. The program also intends to facilitate community communication channels, race meet-ups and options to purchase race suits, jackets, and hats.

The Arapahoe Basin National Team Qualifier races on December 10 (vertical) and December 12 (individual) will include these two youth divisions. Although the youth divisions are not part of the official USA Skimo National Team, sanctioned races will recognize top finishers in U14 and U16. USA Skimo youth divisions will be officially included in the USA Skimo National Cup Race Series where national rankings will be based on cumulative points at designated USA Skimo-sanctioned races.

This program is welcome to all age-eligible USA Skimo members and strives to be inclusive and welcoming to provide recognition to top youth racers, and be a source for ongoing engagement and communication.

Program registration for Devos will begin on October 1, 2021. All we need from you is commitment, engagement, and participation. You will need your membership number and email address to join.

Get involved now, facilitation of skimo chatter on “Slack” channels has begun and there is still time secure your Devos gear; USA Skimo is in the process of creating Devos race suits and jackets for qualifying individuals for purchase.

Thank you for your interest in age group skimo racing!

Interested? Join the Devos Program