Thank you for your interest in the 2024/25 USA Skimo National Team! Below are steps to follow, team overview and links to all necessary documentation including selection criteria. Please email if you have any questions after reading the documents. 

Qualification steps outline 

  1. Review USA Skimo National Team Selection Criteria LINK 
  2. Review USA Skimo National Team Agreement  LINK 
  3. Review USA Skimo Code of Conduct LINK
  4. Sign your adherence to above documents and provide your intention to participate in qualification races (must be complete by Last NCup, 2023/24 season) LINK 

USA Skimo National Team Overview 


  • ONE YEAR: May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025

Age Categories (Male and Female)

  • Senior, U20, U18, U16* – Athletes participating in Open, U20, U18 and U16 (born in 2008) during the 2023/24 season are eligible to qualify for the 2024-25 USNT.


  • A Team 
  • B Team 
  • C Team

The intention, based on funding, is to hold National Team Camps in the summer/fall of 2024, and then lead that into World Cup trips and support in the winter of 2024/25.