What is a USA Skimo-sanctioned race?

A race that meets the standards and rules set forth by the ISMF/USA Skimo. For sanctioned races, USA Skimo provides race directors and local organizing committees (LOC) guidance, resources, and tools to put on a high-quality race.

Participants can expect to experience a race experience which follows consistent ISMF/USA Skimo-modeled race formats, rules and categories. Due to the regulatory guidelines a sanctioned race must execute, only results from USA Skimo-sanctioned races are included in the National Point Series.

  • Race Director / LOC agrees to follow USA Skimo Race Director Guidelines.
  • Members results are organized by category and included in the National Points Series.
  • Race Director / LOC agrees to follow Race Division Categories of Male / Female:
    • U14 – (Ages 14 and under. Birth year 2009 & under) Shortened race course.
    • U16 – (Ages 16 and under. Birth year 2007-2008) Shortened race course.
    • U18 – (Ages 17-18. Birth year 2006-2005) Shortened race course
    • U20 – (Ages 19-20. Birth year 2004-2003) Full distance race course.
    • U23 – (Ages 21-22-23. Birth year 2002-2001-2000) Full distance race course.
    • Senior – (Open – Ages 24-44. Birth year 1999-1979) Full distance race course.
    • Masters – (Ages 45+. Birth year 1978 or prior) Full distance race course.
    • Recreation – Reduced distance/vert category. Ski/binding weight must be a minimum of 750 grams per ski/binding or 1500 grams for the pair.

USA Skimo-Sanctioned Race Schedule